There’s a big chance that none of you have ever heard of Helene Fischer before her song Atemlos durch die Nacht and I can’t blame you: a German language artist who probably never released her music in the United States. But I can tell you: to the German speaking area (that is Germany, Austria and Switzerland) she currently is the biggest thing around.

Helene Fischer is the icon of what Europeans call schlager. Now I can hear you all thinking: what on earth is schlager? Well, checking Wikipedia, it’s described as:

Typical schlager tracks are either sweet, highly sentimental ballads with a simple, catchy melody or light pop tunes.

So basically, it’s like Disney artists keep their style when they’re grown up. But you’ve heard Atemlos. You can’t really picture Hilary Duff singing that, can you? And that’s why Helene Fischer is the biggest thing around. She took the old-fashioned schlager and took it to another level. This song still is a massive hit in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Don’t get me wrong: Helene was part of this Disney-music circus before this album. That is where the title of this post came from. When I heard: Helene Fischer is releasing a new song, I expected her usual style. Inoffensive, pleasant, sweet, catchy and incredibly simple. When I then heard Atemlos and saw how she looks nowadays, I was breathless. It made Helene an icon: young people love her now, but their grandparents are also big fans of this girl.

The song became, as I said before, a massive hit here in Europe. Drive around for a few hours with your radio on and you’re bound to hear Atemlos at some point. The German soccer team even used this as their personal anthem for the World Cup in Brazil. Officially, Auf Uns (by Andreas Bourani) was the anthem, but it’s been said that during team parties, they had some good Atemlos playing. When the German team returned home with the cup, they were welcomed on a packed square in Berlin (near the Brandenburg Gate). By Helene Fischer. And her Atemlos durch die Nacht.


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