….is something I have never been, but Stromae gave a pretty convincing performance of what that might look like in the video for his song Formidable, which I played on the show this past Saturday.  Stromae is probably the most well known act I featured last Saturday (well, aside from ABBA) and it’s always great to see European acts singing in something other than English making waves here.

Papaoutai is the song Stromae performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers (this being his debut performance on American television, made it onto a French news website) with the English translation scrolled below. The song has been slowly working its way onto American airwaves (NPR have done several pieces on the singer, including a recent June 2014 Morning Edition piece structured around Papaoutai‘s backstory), and with a building catalogue of incredible work from this Belgian artist, I hope this push for success this side of the water is a good sign of things to come for European artists in the States, especially those offering work in a language other than English.

Going back to Formidable, though – this is a video that’s been around for about a year now, and still fascinates me whenever I watch it.  The song is powerful enough on its own, but the addition of this “is he acting? or….” while watching this video just makes it even more interesting.  Could this be something that makes an impact in America if it was released as a single?

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