But I played two really great ones on the show last Saturday.  First up, Armenian musician Aram Mp3’s cover of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest winning song, Only Teardrops…



As anyone that attends Eurovision on scene or even follows it closely from home can tell you, you get pretty sick of the songs.  Especially the winning song.  With the #joinus tagline the Danish Eurovision crew used to promote the 2014 Contest in Copenhagen, we got to hear Only Teardrops more times than any of us really cared to, honestly.  This version, though, gave new life to this song.  It’s a clinical Scandinavian pop song in so many ways, but with Aram’s reworking of the instrumentals, vocals and overall boost of emotion into the track, I fell in love with it.



Later on, I played a slowed down cover of Sia’s Chandelier done by a young Albanian singer named Donika Nuhiu.  Her take on a song that has become so memorable in its original version is refreshing and highlights her impressive voice.  With a music video directed by her brother, it’s a glimpse into what young talent is capable currently.

Not sure if I’ll be featuring any covers on the show coming up this Saturday the 16th, but when they’re good and done by a European artist, I’ll be sure to share.

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