Rehearsals for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 have kicked off here at the Malta Shipbuilding in Marsa.  We touched down into the island last night (where it’s currently mid 60s/low 70s…not that I’m bragging, New York!) and made our way over to the venue bright and early for the start of run-throughs.  Netherlands kicked off the proceedings (which we played on the October 25th show during our Junior feature) and Sweden and Bulgaria (which we finished with on the 25th, as well) have also made their way on and off the stage.


Julia from the Netherlands during rehearsals on the stage

Everything is still quite quiet in the Press Centre, but the setup is always fun to witness….


The other door didn’t say “tuo”, though…

It’s sadly been switched around, though.  Luckily, we have this guy here to keep us in check…


Terry watching over us from above…

More to come as the day and week continue!

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